New site. New stuff.

After a long time without an update, this site comes with a bunch of new stuff. The biggest one is obviously on the site itself. I was tired with the old layout, so I decided to create a new one from scratch, with new colors and a way more organized, without tons of text in a single page. I tried to make this new layout look good and at the same time stay as simple as possible. Hope you liked it.

Regarding the website contents, there's a lot of new stuff too. I've added all my recent projects in the software section, like: FergoPix, Fergo Quick Launch, Fergo JoystickMIDI, VST SimpleDelay and Fergo Catalog. You can check all of them in the "Software" menu or by clicking here.

The "Render", "Level Design" and "Artwork" sections are gone, because I have the same stuff in my portfolio. The "Random" section became "Articles".

I think that's it. Hope you enjoyed the news. :)

Posted by Fergo on 11-01-2009

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