Lots of new stuff

After a period with no updates, here's some news.

The first one is about Fergo Screenshot. I re-designed it from scratch and added a lot of new features, but keeping the simplicity in mind.

The second one is about some articles that I've worked on. One is a translation to Brazilian portuguese of the TinyPE paper, demonstrating how to create the smallest Win32 PE file. Nice reading. The other article is a topic at the Guia do Hardware forum where I explain some basic debugging concepts and how to use the features present in OllyDbg. My plan is to keep that topic updated.

TinyPE: View
Introdução ao OllyDbg: Access GdH topic

The last one is the button "Make a Donation" at the top right corner of the screen. you know what it means :)

Posted by Fergo on 10-27-2007

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