Assorted softwares


I've decided to add a bunch of my older softwares in one single package. Inside it you will find:
  • Fergo Black Box - A simple visual memory game
  • Fergo Complete Arquivos Incompletos - Resume broken downloads by downloading only the remaining bytes from a HTTP link
  • Fergo DDS Viewer - Simples DDS image viewer. Only shows the picture and some information about it, no editing options
  • Fergo Entity Editor - Edit the entities from Half-Life 1 BSP files without having to recompile the entire map
  • Fergo Sprite Axis Editor - Change the behavior of the axis in Half-Life 1 sprite files
  • Fergomachi - Probably not useful now. With it you could create aliases to Hamachi's IPs so all of them would be in the same subnet mask


assorted.rar (236.22 KB)


Posted by Fergo on 11-01-2009

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